Face to Face Course: NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol (Bridging)

NSW RSA Bridging Course – Online


On the 29th January 2014 the NSW OLGR advised all NSW RSA online training providers that the NSW RSA online course is to be suspended until a review.

The NSW RSA online course has been suspended until further notice.

At this time, you cannot enrol into the NSW RSA online course; you must attend a Face to Face training course.

Please click HERE for a list of our upcoming RSA courses.

We apologise for this inconvenience, please contact us if you require further information.

The below description highlights our online course.

The BRIDGING Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course is NOT offered as a live training. 

* Note: You must be 16 years and 9 months old to complete CTCTS online RSA course*

* This price includes the $70.00 fee for NSW RSA Photo ID Competency card*

The online NSW RSA Bridging course provides an alternative to classroom training.
This is an advantage for students in regional areas and for those who are
relocating to NSW and need to update their RSA.

The NSW RSA online bridging course is for anyone who has obtained
their RSA  in another state and will be working in NSW.

The course will build on your current knowledge of the 
principles and practices of the responsible service of alcohol.

It provides an opportunity to introduce an online RSA bridging course for people with
training qualifications obtained in other Australian jurisdictions to work in NSW.

The bridging course option is only available where the training provider is satisfied
the person has completed approved RSA training in another
Australian jurisdiction over the past five years.

You can do this by providing Coast to Country Training Services
 a copy of your certificate, and photo identification.

Liquor laws vary from state to state, and although there are some laws common
to all Australian states there are also some important differences. Even though you
have completed an RSA course in another state, you may not be familiar with
some important NSW liquor laws relating to Responsible Service of Alcohol.

This course has been specifically designed to give you knowledge of these laws.

There are two topics you will need to complete:

· Introduction to RSA

· RSA legislation

Training providers must be given approval to conduct online
NSW RSA Bridging training; CTCTS has received this approval from
the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR).

The online RSA Bridging course helps people with other states RSA certificates
make the transition to the NSW RSA photo competency card.

A review of online RSA training will be held in 2013 to find out if it provides appropriate
skills and knowledge for the industry, or if it needs enhancing.
The review will also consider extending online training to other vocational training, including
responsible conduct of gambling training for the hotel and registered club sectors.

Upon the successful completion of the above course students receive a statement of attainment
& photo ID competency card from the OLGR for Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) – SITHFAB201

Course must be updated every 5 years.

To be eligible to do this course, you must have completed your RSA within the past 5 years.
CTCTS requires this certificate to be sighted, by us, before certificate can be issued.